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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Teaching Observation

1) What was the goal of the class?
In the writing class, I think it is to write with the words which the teacher showed.
And then, the students make correct sentences in grammar.
In another class, I think it is to read with pronunciation each student. And to learn the present progressive form.

2) What activities did the students do to accomplish the goal?
They pronunciate the words how to use them and their meanings. And then, they make the manuscript, they exchange each one and pointed out mistakes in spelling and grammar, his (or her ) impressions. After them, they rewrite the manuscript.
At first, they answered to the questions from the teacher individually.The answers use 5W1H. And then they read the texts with the various ways. For example, whispering and glancing and shadow reading etc.

3) What was the role of the teacher in this class?
The teacher makes learning situation and using words. And he showed some points to write and make some hand outs. He lead to write something in his preparation.
The teacher sometimes showsed models of pronunciations. He often speak to the students and make the students many answers.

4) From watching the teacher and students, did you receive any hints or clues as to how to have a successful English class?
I want to follow him to exchange the writing and evaluate and point out the mistakes each other. To teach or point out against other people is not so easy because it can not do it without understanding himself (or herself).
And it is good that to read each one with loud voice ,I think. The students tend to be afraid making mistakes especially in the presence of others. But this way can do it.
I learned reading has many ways. I tried each way and I found that every way has different effect. In first level, whispering is effective,I think. So these ways to read are good because they can adopt their levels.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

An analysis of my language learning experience

 My most enjoyable language learning experience has been Conversation, Structured speaking, Repetition, Memorization, Reading Aloud, Translating, Writing Sentences , Speaking English with my teacher, and Speaking English with my classmates.
 Especially, I like Translating and Speaking English with my classmates.
Because I translate some word and memorize, then I can share the imformation with my classmates speaking with English. Then I could realize that I can learn the language.

 My least enjoyable language learning activity has been Language Lab and Reading Silently.
In this class, I could not experience these work, but if I work these, then I will get bored I think.

 My most valuable language learning activity has been Repetition, Memorization, and Reading Aloud. We can learn the language including these in the class. At the first, Mr.Hall speak to us, we could not understand at all, and gradually we could find the shade of the words with listening. Then he explained the family words using the family chart so we could memorize the words easily. Next we repeat after Mr.Hall and we could memorize almost. And finally, he erased the worde in the family chart, and we answered the meaning of his pointed words.
 I think this order is important to learn the language.

 My least valuable language learning activity has been Reading Silently. In this class, we learned the language at the first time. Then we have to listen to and speak the language as many as possible. Of course Reading Silently is a good way to learn the language but, it do not work in this stage well.

 In general my language learning experience has been starting from confusion to realization. At the first stage of learning, I can not understand what the speaker speaking at all. But as the class goes by, I can hear from the words and understand the meaning. Then I enjoy the grammar, writing by myself, conversation with my classmates and reading aloud because of I can get the confidence from realization.

 From this experience, I remembered How I felt at the first time I learned English. I felt worry when my classmates understand but I can not. And I can not understand anyway, I want to give up to learn. So, we teacher must give some hints to the learners , and watch the learners well. I felt there are some important order which is Listening-Speaking-Wrighting-Reading.

How I learned English

Hi, how do you do?
Today, I want to tell you about how I learned English.

When I was a child, I used to listen to English tape.
It was many easy songs, for example ABC songs, and easy communication.
I could learn alphabets with the song and naturally, I could speak basic communication phrases.

And I learned English as a study at my junior high school.
I laerned a little bit about English before, so I could diminish the difficulty and enjoy learning.
Now, I thought why I like English is because of listening to English when I was a child.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My introduction

Hi,my name is On-chan!
Nice to meet you.

I live in Morioka, Iwate but I am from Noheji, Aomori.
My parents live there, and I often go back my home.
My home is very comfortable for me and relaxes me.
I have an older sister.
She and I loves winter because she likes snowboarding and I like skiing.
Though she lives in Tokyo, we meet every month in winter.
Next week, she comes to my home.